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Bag of Cubes

2.3 kg or 12 kg

  • Pieces can be used in coolers and other small spaces
  • Pieces can be put in cups to cool drinks
  • Smaller pieces have more surface area and offer quicker cooling


  • 2.3 KG cubed $2.50 or 8/$18.00 (For Pickup Only!)
  • 12 KG cubed $8.50 or 10+ bags $6.50 (For Pickup Only!)



  • Larger blocks take longer to melt
  • Blocks can be used in food storage areas during repairs
  • If your A/C breaks, set up a fan to blow against blocks to cool your room


  • 4 KG block ice $4.50 (For Pickup Only!)

Need to Rent a Freezer?

We have several different sizes for all your ice distribution needs!

single slant freezer

Single Slant Freezer – 4.5ft Wide 3ft Deep

Holds 162 bags of ice

double slant freezer

Double Slant Freezer – 6.5ft Wide 3ft Deep

Holds 270 bags of ice

glass freezer 30

Glass 30 Freezer – 3ft Wide 2.5ft Deep

Holds 120 bags of ice

Glass freezer 40

Glass 40 Freezer – 4.5ft Wide 2.5ft Deep

Holds 180 bags of ice

Glass freezer 75

Glass 75 Freezer – 6.5ft Wide 3ft Deep

Holds 300 bags of ice

We understand that, when you need ice cooling, you will likely need it quickly. We appreciate our position as the region’s largest distributor and always strive to work within your schedule to deliver top-quality products on time. We also offer dairy, water and more. Contact us today for delivery!